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Environment, Climate Change, Sustainable Development & Energy Security

United Nations Environment Programme
Links to the Latest Live Feeds
Scientific American Topic - Environmental Policy
Scientific American Topic - Global Climate Change
Scientific American Topic - Alternative Energy Technology
Scientific American Topic - Earth and Environment
Scientific American Topic - Energy Technology
Environment news, comment and analysis |
Alternative Energy
WWF - News from the frontlines
WWF - News from WWF's Forests for Life Programme
Grist - Most Popular
Carbon Commentary
UN gender equality news
The F-Word: Latest features and reviews
Scientific American
The Guardian − Environment (my favourite)
Alternative Energy
Carbon Commentary provides a critical                       
appraisal of issues we face as we move to
a low-carbon economy.
Waangari Mathai’s Green Belt Movement
Wiki’s website on the environment
blog has expanded to be one of the
leading green voices on the internet.
Business Green
National Geographic (in its very own league)
Green Business News & Information Resource
European Environment Agency
Planet Extinction
The Greens
A site for kids looking after the planet.
Geology News
Teaching Resources for Understanding
Climate Change.
Conservation Green
This explores the foundations of conservation.
World Wildlife Federation
Worldwatch Institute
delivers the insights that empower decision makers
to create an environmentally sustainable society
that meets human needs.
The Climate Project
The Climate Project (TCP) is an international
non-profit founded by Nobel Laureate Al Gore to
increase public awareness of the climate crisis
at a grassroots level worldwide.

Women & Gender

United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality
RH Reality Check
Information and Analysis for
Reproductive Health.
The F-Word
is an online magazine dedicated to talking
about and sharing ideas on contemporary
UK feminism.
Contemporary UK Feminism
Feminist Law Professors
My friend Katha Pollitt’s excellent blog
in The Nation
Amnesty International USA
Women's Human Rights Resources Programme
This collects, organizes and disseminates
information on women's human rights law to
facilitate research, teaching and co-operation.
The Institute for Women's Policy Research
conducts rigorous research and disseminates
its findings to address the needs of women,
promote public dialogue, and strengthen
families, communities, and societies.
World Summit on the Information Society
Gender Caucus
What About Our Daughters